Best Hot Dogs in Tucson


Nothing’s more all-American than a great hot dog, unless of course you’re snagging one in Tucson and it features fusion like you’ve never seen before. Check out BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs ,where Mexico meets America… on a bun. Choose your protein, from the famous asada to the jamon and pollo, before diving into the perfect blend of both countries.

Mutts Premiums Hot Dogs and Sausages is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but most people come strictly for the dogs. Choose from the Sweet Dog topped with strawberry jam and Swiss cheese, the Surf Dog wrapped in bacon and topped with pineapple, the Mac the Dog topped with mac ‘n’ cheese and bacon bits, and a slew of other innovative creations.

A Dog’s Life

You can’t miss out on the famous food trucks while in Tucson, like El Sinaloense Hot Dog Cart or Tacos y Hot Dogs El Manuel, both serving up unique home-cooked dogs with a generous side of Mexican flavors. Others prefer the homey goodness of Pat’s Chili Dogs, a classic drive-in full of nostalgia.

From Yami’s Hot Dogs to Hermanos Hot Dogs, it’s easy to see that Tucson loves hot dogs, but there’s a debate over who has the best. Try a few and decide for yourself who’s top dog.

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