Ethiopian Picks in Tucson


Tucson is home to two Ethiopian restaurants, and both are worth visiting to decide which is the best. Start at Zemam’s in downtown, open for lunch and dinner. Along with the famous injera bread, Zemam’s also offers a gluten-free version so everyone can indulge in the addictive, spongy staple.

You’ll find staple, classic Ethiopian dishes including a generous vegetarian menu. Like many restaurants in Tucson, it also offers a BYOB option so guests are welcome to bring their favorite adult beverage to pair with the spicy chicken entrees, perfectly seasoned veggie starters and that amazingly tart bread.

A Unique Dining Experience

At Café Desta, the casual eatery features brick walls, strong coffee and an eclectic menu perfect for a solo outing, date or business meeting. There’s an impressive vegan menu as well, with kosta (minced and spiced spinach), spicy misr (red split lentils) and kik (yellow split peas).

Try the doros with chicken, ayeb (cheese from buttermilk) or one of the many scratch-made desserts. Coconut mango pie, tiramisu, chocolate cake and blueberry tarts are just a few of the most popular. Tucson is known for spice, but going Ethiopian is an entirely different approach.

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