Hike Mica Mountain


A favorite destination within the Rincon Mountains, which create an enormous wall over 6,300 feet tall, Mica Mountain is the range’s highest point. While Rincon Peak is a little more of a standout feature from Tucson, Mica is just 12 miles from Rincon Peak and features a rounded crown. Tucked in the Saguaro National Park, it’s a must for hikers and September is the perfect time to take on this day-hike.

In Arizona, the Rincon Mountains are the only substantial mountain range which hasn’t been treated for roads. As you summit Mica, you’ll find untouched areas perfectly pristine that showcase the beauty of the region. There aren’t any roads, but there are plenty of maintained trails. Choose from a variety of easy to moderate day hikes along the lower elevations, but some avid hikers can summit Mica in one long day at a fast pace.

Mica Beauty

The three main Mica routes range from 16 – 26 miles round trip. Speedway Boulevard takes hikers to the most popular route, but at 26 miles it usually requires an overnight trip. However, it’s easily accessible from Tucson and has amazing views throughout the entire hike.

Alternatively, the Happy Valley hike is shorter but you’ll need a 4WD vehicle to get to the trailhead. Once you arrive, it’s just 16 miles roundtrip to the summit. Experience all the beauty Mica Mountain has to offer, but steer clear if thunderstorms are in the forecast—Mica Mountain has a reputation for being dangerous in such conditions.

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