Hike Pusch Ridge


Looking for a romantic hike for two or a solo adventure? Pusch Ridge is a landmark in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness Area located in the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains. It’s governed by the Coronado National Forest and was named after pioneer George Pusch. The German traveler came to Arizona in 1870 and founded the Steam Pump Ranch in 1874. It quickly became one of the biggest ranches in Arizona, and he also served as a legislator and delegate for the inaugural state Constitutional Convention in 1910.

You’ll find three primary peaks at Pusch Ridge: Pusch Peak, Table Mountain and Bighorn Mountain. Pusch Peak challenges you with 2,000 feet of elevation gained. Bighorn is taller, and Table Mountain is taller still. There’s also the small Cleaver Peak, offering a more modest hiking challenge.

Need a Pusch?

Discover the flora and fauna of Arizona, as Pusch Ridge was inhabited by the last Desert Bighorn Sheep in the state. They haven’t been spotted in over a decade, but there’s a strong push to re-establish the species. Three years ago, 31 bighorns were released nearby, and scores more are scheduled.

Here, canyons and incredible ridges provide a backdrop for an impressive range of biodiversity. Get views of Oro Valley that are awe-inspiring. It all starts at the Pusch Ridge Trailhead in Oro Valley. Simply take East Linda Vista Boulevard east off of SR77, just six miles outside of Tucson.


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